Contact Details:

Rozelle Holm Farm,
Private Care Home,
4 – 8 Holm Farm Road,

Telephone:  01292 445400
Office:  01292 445501


Proprietor: Mr Forbes Robertson

Common Queries

When choosing a care home is common for you to have questions and concerns, as this is a life changing decision. It is Rozelle Care Home’s aim to alleviate as much of these worries as possible, and hope the following information answers any queries you may have.


What are my responsibilities as a Service User?

As a service user you are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Be polite to other service users and staff
  • To pay fees timorously
  • To let nursing staff know when you intend to go out, and when you can be expected back
  • To participate in any review process
  • To inform staff of any new clothing, furniture, or electrical items brought into the home, so we can ensure these are properly named or tested.


What if my private funding runs out?

Should this occur your named nurse would arrange a review with Social Services, who would discuss your finances with you in confidence, and help arrange another form of funding. Your place within the care home would not be at risk.


What if the care home was to close?

In the unlikely event the care home were to close, you would be given at least 13 weeks notice of this. You and your family would also be referred to a Social Worker, who would help you find another care home of your choice.


What if the care home was to have a new owner?

In the event of a new owner, your current occupancy rights, and contract of residence would continue to apply. You would again be informed of this situation at least 4 weeks in advance.


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